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The Digital Experts deliver localization services in over 40 Languages. Our localization work is undertaken by native speaker translators only and proofed by a further native speaker in each case. This means content will be of the highest quality and sufficiently localized for the local audience targeted. Localization services include native speaker translation, native speaker professional editing and on demand per-language style guide/glossary.

We do not just translate contents; we embrace cultures, study who are we talking to & create a customized personalized content accordingly.

Digital Experts has a diversified team to successfully handle all the steps of the localization process, when introducing your content to a new market or area. We have professional translators to handle the first stage of translating your content with all its elements such as texts, info graphics, multimedia …etc. , and experts to manage the localization stage to make sure that your provided content will effortlessly adapt to cultural differences & easily reach targeted customers to meet their needs.

Dealing with experts will save your time , money & facing the traps of language differences & diverse backgrounds. It is not only about translating “words” from one language to another, it is about personalizing & re-customizing your existing content to achieve your goals & meet your new customers’ base need .

We will map your content types & identify the best methods of localization to present it in the new targeted marketed. We are highly trained to pay attention for the tiniest details starting from considering all social values (such as believes & values), local codes (such as symbols, humor sense & rooted myths) and ending with preferred colors & styles. You will also receive timely reports to always be aware of the achieved developments in localizing your content and to make sure that your expectations will always be met.

The Digital Experts have partnered with cutting edge translation specialist technology provider to provide the best project management experience while gaining efficiency for our customers.

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