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About Misr Travel

Misr Travel is among the top ten ranked tour operators in Egypt and the Middle East, with long experience in the field and helpful staff. Misr Travel started with the goal of achieving sleek travel experiences for every traveler, with packages that suit every taste and budget.

The Problem

Misr Travel website www.misrtravel.net was in need to enhance its presence and implement on-page and off-page SEO and provide a better user experience to compete in the crowded market. The company also needed to apply SEO practices with fresh content to grab attention and rank high on organic search engines. The website was not fully responsive and the footer needs to be optimized as well. 

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Our Strategy

Our strategy included making changes to the existing website, achieving the best possible results for SEO, and create a smooth online booking experience. We also used unique, high-quality content to showcase their trips, applying SEO efforts.


Our Tactics

  • Used the latest techniques to achieve a powerful website that matches the company's culture and feel
  • Utilized SEO rules to rank high on search engines and boost visibility
  • Showcased their trip in an attractive interface, encouraging online booking and boosting sales
65 - Better Traffic
31 - Better Bounce Rate
15 - page Strength and authority
11 - Daily Visitor per page


0.09% CTR
20% less CPA
272% ROI


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