How Google Bots Work

SEO - How Google Bots Work

Organic search traffic is as crucial for your website as paid marketing techniques, if not more. According to recent studies, 33% of your website’s traffic is based on organic research. That’s how the importance of SEO has started. To rank on search engine results, you need to solve the SEO puzzle, know how it works, and what to do. Just take your time, invest your efforts, and establish a powerful online presence in no time. Before you dive into the SEO world, we will take you step-by-step to know more about Google Bots technique.

What are Google Bots and how they affect Google Search Ranking?

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, you must be familiar with some terms before you dive into this complicated world. You’ve probably heard of Google bots, but do you know what is it? – Simply put, Google Bot is a robot designed to go through the web pages via links. It travels from one page to another, checking every link, to keep Google’s database up to date. It’s a fully automated bot that crawls the internet and records all the information in its way. Do you know what is crawling? – It is the process in which search engines send a team of spiders or crawlers to find any newly published content. This process allows Google to collect over 1 million GB in just a second. Interesting! To fully understand the whole process, you must know how search engines work.

  • Crawl: Explore the internet and find the published content for each URL they find.
  • Index: Organize the content that is found during the crawling process. Being in the indexing phase means that content is prepared to be shown as a result of any relevant inquiry.
  • Rank: Show the content that gives the best possible answer whenever someone searches for a relevant topic. The results order depends on the answer quality, ranking from the most relevant to the least.

Googlebot just goes from link to link, discover new URLs, and go through image links, nav-bars, and hidden links via JavaScript. So, the search engine discovers your content, along with its subject and value. Having a proper SEO strategy means that your website is in a good structure, proper loading speed, and consistent content. Here are some important SEO tips to make Google Bot’s job a lot easier:

  1. Make sure that your website is visible to search engines.
  2. Don’t use the “no-follow” links on your website.
  3. Create an organized sitemap for your website, so, Google Bot can understand and browse your content easily.
  4. Use the Google Search Console to accomplish many vital tasks and find any crawling errors. It also gives advice on how to fix these errors.

So, what is a Website Crawler?

Crawlability refers basically to how much Google Bot accesses your website, depending on your performance within the SERPs. You have to know that Google doesn’t magically find your website. The crawlers travel from page to page and create an index, searching for the right keywords and relevant phrases. Just make sure to surpass all the issues that may affect your site negatively, including DNS complications, protection programs, or a misconfigured firewall.

Now you’re asking, how to get Google bots to crawl my site?

You must optimize your website for Google Bots crawling, so you must consider these tips:

  • You must know that it is hard for Google Bots to crawl some websites, using Ajax and JavaScript. So, your content must be displayed easily in a text browser.
  • It is pretty common for sites to have multiple URLs for the same page but Google bot can identify this process. However, sometimes, duplicate pages with multiple URLs can be confusing, reducing crawling effectiveness.
  • It is always a good idea to block unimportant URLs, so, Google Bot concentrates more on your valuable content. Use robots.txt file or meta robots tags to guide Google Bots into your website and help it understand the structure.
  • Your website must include creative, relevant content and take into consideration not to pack your content with keywords. Always update your old pages or start new ones to be continuously crawled.
  • Using an internal linking system direct your crawler more into your website. But, never link your website to irrelevant pages or products.
  • A sitemap is useful to direct Google Bots into your website and notice your valuable content. Using a sitemap, your website will get indexed easily and more quickly.
  • Build powerful backlinks to help Google Bots crawl and re-crawl these pages fast.

Google Search Console as the main tool to crawl a website

Search Console is one of the most efficient tools that you can use to check your website’s crawlability. Try Google’s free service and monitor your website in the search results. You can troubleshoot your website, find the errors, view backlinks, create sitemaps, and more. Besides, it offers various crawling statistics and metrics to monitor your performance. With Search Console, you can optimize your SEO and improve your organic visibility. It can help you enhance your keywords by measuring their monthly search volume. Accordingly, you know how powerful your keywords are, and if you must change or optimize anything in the future. Another important metric, google Search Console shows which topics get the most backlinks.

Other Google Crawling Tools

According to Google, all websites on the internet are going to be crawled either by Google Bot Desktop or Googlebot Smartphone. Googlebot is Google’s main crawler, however, it has other effective 16 bots such as Googlebot Images, Googlebot News, Adsbot, and Googlebot Videos. Aside from Google crawling tools, you will come across other useful web crawlers such as:

  • Bingbot
  • Slurp Bot
  • DuckDuckBot
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex Bot
  • Sogou Bot
  • Alexa Crawler


Undoubtedly, SEO has become more and more important by the day. You won’t guarantee your exposure and wide reach until you master the art of SEO. The process can be a bit overwhelming! But, once you’ve gone through every detail, publish your content, enhance your quality, and you’re ready to go!