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If you want to attract your targeted audience, generate profitable actions through optimizing conversions & drive sales, then, your doorway to do it is a strong solid content marketing strategy. Digital Experts are willing to be your content marketing strategist. We will outline the main needs you serve, the best content forms & inputs to meet those needs, clear objectives that need to be achieved ( is it for example reaching specific type of customers , lower your costs , boost your sales …etc. ), common or predicted obstacles to avoid and even what exactly to expect when you publish this content.

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Content marketing strategy is like a roadmap. It shows you where are you going & how to go there. It helps you to always keep your perspective & never takes your content out of the right track! Digital Experts is fully capable to be your content planner, and to produce a documented vision of your content’s future!

The Digital Experts are lucky to work with the most senior content strategist. We will help you analyze your current content assets and build a realistic content strategy based on your existing resources, budget, and targeted market.
We use a straightforward ROI driven five-step approach:

  1. Website SEO & Content Audit
  2. Audience analysis and long tail keyword research
  3. Set Goals and KPI’s
  4. Deliver a step by step 6 to 12-month content strategy outline
  5. Create an online content marketing calendar and upgrade marketing stack with appropriate tools for content creation, localization, optimization and social outreach
  6. Measure results and optimize strategy / Content production schedule based on data gathered

Being our client means that there is no need to worry about expressions such as ; content inventory & audits , suitable types & uses of metadata , digital governance framework , agile marketing process , personas or message architecture . Digital experts have skillful and experienced teams with high level of creativity & organizational skills to smoothly manage your account & deliver what’s needed in a superb form.

As we wanted you to think of content marketing as a roadmap we need you to think of your content strategy as a step by step blueprint! We will start with you from “the start line”, going by all needed main &Sub-roads, while planning for substitutes for any sudden changes, and make a clear process to follow till we reach “the finish line” or your business objective that will also serve your long-term goal.  Digital Experts will follow the lead of the produced content marketing strategy and use the methods of creating the content following the needed criteria, specify who is going to be responsible for each stage of this process, state when to be delivered, prioritize the tasks and cover more steps & areas so we can plan, create, develop & creatively manage a cohesive, highly engaging content to create a unique experience for your website visitors.

The Digital Experts are proud to have the most experienced content strategist in UAE and Middle East with experience working for global brands like Google, Expedia, Marriott Hotels, Time Out or PayPal.

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